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How it Started

      The genesis of Promise In My Pocket began when I lost my job and was completely unprepared for the financial pressure of coping without a steady income. As many do, I lived paycheck-to-pay check and unable to sustain my family without a job. As a single parent without financial resources, I was terrified. I had nowhere to turn; I had no way out of my impending crises but to look up. Recognizing the only way to calm my fear and fight the battle waging in my mind was to keep God’s promises with me at all times. I needed scriptures that could connect me to His love and create the reminder I needed during the day of His supernatural provision through the word of God. I shared my small bound pages of Bible verses on God's goodness and provision with a friend and she asked if I would make one for her. The idea resonated with others and the interest and excitement was obvious. I went to work creating and printing at home making copies of Promise In My Pocket available locally. Now redesigned, four titles are available as eBooks and more on the way. Soon all Promises will be printed in Spanish.

10% of all proceeds are donated to help the less fortunate around the world through
the extraordinary work of Hand of Hope, the missionary arm of Joyce Meyer Ministries

Promise In My Pocket, God's Word on the Go is a registered trademark ™

Promise In My Pocket is God's Word on the Go

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